Must Haves When Buying a Home

Are you thinking about buying a new home? It is always a daunting and exciting decision, it does not matter if it is your first home or your fifth home. There are so many things to think about.

One thing that helps is making a list of your must haves. When making that list try not to get caught up in the little details of a a home. Things like light fixture finishes and paint colors can always be changed. It may be a bit more difficult to add a sunroom later if that is important to you. Is having a neighborhood pool something you must have or when you stop and think about it, just something that would be nice? 

Across the country trends can vary on what home buyers are looking for, but the one thing that seems to top everyone’s list is an open floor plan. This can be harder to find in some parts of he country, particularly in New England where there are many historic homes with small rooms.

Another trend is smaller homes, people seem to be moving a way from the large suburban homes of 10 years ago. Some of this has been dictated by the desire to have smaller commutes and the over-sized homes are often not found in the larger metropolitan areas.  Along with smaller homes people often want at least one bedroom downstairs. It does not have to be the master bedroom, but there does seem having a bedroom on the main level of a home has gone up in importance.

Other top trends are hardwood floors and stainless appliances. Those take us to our example above on what is easier to change out later and not necessarily a deal breaker. Hardwoods are a lot easier to put in before you move-in, although can be done while you are living in the home. Appliances can usually be switched out in 1-2 days making it easily something you can change later when the  home has everything else from your must have list. 

Take time with your list and put some thought into it. Make sure if you are buying the home with someone else that you sit down and talk about what is important to both of you. It will save a lot of disagreements later!

About Sutton Lipman

Sutton Lipman Costanza is a native Nashvillian and a second generation REALTOR. She is excited and proud to be a part of The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty team. Sutton graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from The George Washington University. Before selling real estate, she worked at Centerstone, a community-based behavioral health care organization in Nashville. In her free time, Sutton enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, practicing Spanish, knitting and playing tennis. or 615.438.6149
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