The Nest: A Learning Thermostat to Help You Save

From two Apple expats comes the Nest Learning Thermostat, a cleverly intuitive household thermostat that picks up on your daily schedule as well as your heating and cooling habits and programs itself accordingly.

Just in time for the high season of thermostat tweaking comes a nifty, energy-saving household gizmo with some serious tech cred: The Nest Learning Thermostat from Nest Labs, a Silicon Valley startup partially funded by Google Ventures and founded by none other than the “father of the iPod” himself, Tony Fadell, an Apple expat who designed the original iPod along with Matt Rogers, a fellow erstwhile Apple staffer who served as engineer of both the iPod and iPhone.

Although there are a handful of other customizable digital thermostats geared to help consumers reduce heating and cooling bills, Nest Learning Thermostat is the first that I’ve seen that actually learns a user’s habits and preferences and adjusts a household’s temperature accordingly. The device is capable of remembering your personal schedule and heating/cooling idiosyncrasies within just a week and then programs itself to save energy while you’re away, continuously refining itself to adjust to your unique schedule of coming and going — no matter what the season.

Learning Thermostat

Please click here to see the entire article about Nest and a video of its capabilities.

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