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Nest thermostat will it become a data collection device for Google? image from nest.com

In November of 2011, I did a post on Nest. I know a lot of people that have put Nest to use in their homes and love it. It keeps the homeowner from having to program a thermostat or remember to turn it up or down before you leave the house or go to sleep each night. A quick read of some forums leads me to believe that the average consumer saves $10-$30 a month when using Nest. So the savings can certainly add up over time.

You all have probably heard the latest – that Google purchased Nest. This isn’t entirely surprising as they were one of the original funding sources for the project, but it leaves some people worrying about privacy. Google already collects a lot of data on users of their products and people wonder if they will use Nest to collect more data. Others feel this just brings Google closer to its goal of home automation. Currently they say their privacy policy does not permit this type of data collection. 

If all this leaves you wanting an alternative smart thermostat, Honeywell has an option for you.

Here is an article from USA Today with more information on the Google and Nest. What do you think about smart thermostats? Does Google’s purchase of Nest make you worry about the data being gathered about you?


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