Chic Style for Your Comfort Zone

16 tips to elevate even your most comfy spaces to the realm of chic

Almost any living room with a comfy sofa or bedroom featuring a big, cozy bed can be sophisticated with the right accessories, finishes, colors and textures. If your space could use a dash of chic, these 16 helpful tips will have you relaxing in pure style before you know it.

New sofa eclectic living room

Populate your space with patterns. Different patterns are a huge part of a successfully chic space, and they’re simple to incorporate. Liven up your couch with a variety of throw pillows or toss down a rug with a colorful graphic. Displaying coffee table books with bright covers is another way to easily pull in pattern variety.

Country Club Living Room eclectic living room

Break some rules about hanging art. Instead of carefully ensuring that each piece is perfectly in line with the next, create a more free-form, eclectic gallery wall that’s balanced more by your eye than by rigid rules. It feels much more personal and interesting.

Heather Garrett Design contemporary living room

Consider gray for your walls. Gray has been a hot color for several seasons now, and it’s not going away soon. As a neutral, it’s incredibly versatile, and it gives an air of sophistication to practically any type of furnishing. Plus, there is just something about the way color and pattern stand out against this shade that really makes gray rooms feel fantastic.

Lower-level Living eclectic family room

Jazz up the back of your shelving. Often overlooked, the space behind your shelves offers a wonderful design opportunity. Paint it a contrasting color or take it a step further with graphic wallpaper. You’ll love the view while relaxing on the couch with a great read.

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