Updating Furniture

Every once in awhile something in my house just seems to need a makeover, or I come across a great piece of furniture that just needs a bit of love. Wood furniture can often be revived and brought back to life so I never give up on a piece with great structure and lines! 

There are many options when bringing wood furniture back to life, and below are two of my favorites.  

Refinishing – When you decide to refinish, it typically means you strip all the color and stain off the piece and bring the piece down to the natural wood before adding a new stain. This is usually a bit labor intensive, but it truly pays off.  Sand & Sisal has a great tutorial on how to do this. 

two toned furniture

This piece was originally a golden oak color! Look at it now! Photo from Sand & Sisal

Painting – If you want to completely change a stained piece to a painted piece or the color of an existing painted piece, you may be able to skip the stripping and sanding. You can use chalk paint and paint right over whatever is currently on the piece. There is no sanding or priming needed, just pick up your paint and brushes and start painting. Chalk paint has a different look than regular latex paint and often makes a piece look like its been around for years. Perfectly Imperfect has great information on using chalk paint.

chalk paint

Chalk paint can make a basic piece come to life! Photo from Perfectly Imperfect

This DIY furniture project can be really rewarding and completely change the look of your space!


About Sutton Lipman

Sutton Lipman Costanza is a native Nashvillian and a second generation REALTOR. She is excited and proud to be a part of The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty team. Sutton graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from The George Washington University. Before selling real estate, she worked at Centerstone, a community-based behavioral health care organization in Nashville. In her free time, Sutton enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, practicing Spanish, knitting and playing tennis. sutton.lipman@sothebysrealty.com or 615.438.6149
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