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Today I have a guest post for you guys! I recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the people at Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems. Monkey Bars is Nashville’s garage storage expert. I hope you enjoy the article they wrote for us as much as I did!

Tips & Tricks: Maintaining Organized Garage

As a homeowner, we praise the thought of our very own garage. But we find ourselves piling and stacking our precious items that we collect over the years. Eventually all of these items create a clutter and next thing you know parking your car in the garage is deemed impossible. Say goodbye to clutter and see how we can maintain an organized garage all year round.

Get Rid of It

The first step is telling yourself, “Out with the Old and In with the New”. There is no doubt that a garage is used for storage, but

Sutton Lipman

It is easy to get all of your gear organized with the help of Monkey Bars Storage Systems.

distinguishing between what you use and don’t is the best way to maintain an organized garage. Rummaging through your items every 3-4 months is an effective way to keep all the junk out. The easiest way to know if it is time to toss or donate items is to ask yourself, “have I used this in the past 12 months?” Garage and block sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted items. The more people you get involved the more motivated you will be to keep it up, leaving you with a lighter garage and a heavier wallet.

Store it Right

Now that we have lightened our load, it’s time to store those items we have left. Garage cabinets and garage shelving are effective tools to help keep your items accessible to you at all times. Start by taking those older rugged items you want unseen and store them in cabinets. It will leave your garage with that clean customized look. Shelving is the ultimate organizational tool in the garage, it allows you to keep all of your items in one area and storing those large containers becomes less of a hassle. Hang shelves where they are accessible to your reach, just because you store away your items don’t make them unattainable.


monkey bars

Bins and hooks clean up a garage in no time.

Utilize Your Space

The best way to treat ourselves after a cleaning of the garage is utilizing the space. Take some of those items that are cluttering your home and store them in the garage. No need to worry about cluttering it up again because with proper storage units you can store just about anything hassle free. Not only can maintaining an organized garage help you stay sane but it is a great show piece for your house.

This is a great way to not only get things in order but getting the family involved will make for a fun weekend activity. With regular cleaning, appropriate storage and utilizing the space you will be able to maintain your garage all year round.

All information provided by Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems.

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems is Nashville’s garage storage expert. Giving you tips and tricks on how to stay organized and efficient by creating your very own customized garage. Check out Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems website!


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